Protect your employees
& visitors

The Thermal Check Infra-Cam is an accurate, non-contact, temperature scanning camera that enables simultaneous readings of up to six people at a time.

Protect your employees
& visitors

The Thermal Check Infra-Cam is an accurate, non-contact, temperature scanning camera that enables simultaneous readings of up to 6 people at a time.

Infra-Cam Features

1080p High Definition

Superior surveillance system delivering unbeatable quality and performance.

Face Recognition

Intelligent face recognition able to sensor up to 6 people even when wearing a mask.

High Temperature Alarm

Alarm temperature settings can detect and alert users of high body temperatures.

Screen, Identify & Secure your workplace

The Thermal Check Infra-Cam is a high definition security camera that has an alloyed casing which makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor placement. One camera can monitor the temperatures of up to six (6) people at once.

The Thermal Check Infra-Cam supports face recognition and can be set up to recognize users without masks on. Automatic alerts can notify of persons with temperatures outside of range or without masks on, so you can keep your environment as safe as possible and stay compliant with any local/national health mandates.

The camera is easy to set up and multiple cameras can be viewed from one device. The software can run attended by staff or unattended with built-in alert functionality.

Get back to work safely and securely. Get Infra-Cam.

Example Industry applications


Medical Usage:

Check patient temperatures quickly an easily before any interaction with staff to ensure safety.


Office Usage:

Automatically check employees and visitors temperatures to help ensure workplace safety.

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars:

Help ensure safety by automatically scanning all guests as they enter the building. Staff safety can be monitored from anywhere including kitchen.

Retail Stores

Retail Stores:

Maintain a high level of customer service and safety with automatic temperature scans and alerts. Allow your staff to stay focused and safe.



Keep operations running and staff safe by automatically monitoring temperatures on the shop floor. Automatic alerts let you know when range is out of tolerance.



Maintain distribution and staffing levels by automatically checking temperatures and receive alerts when

Thermal Check Infra-cam Specifications

Camera Details
Detector Type Uncooled Focal Plane
Wavelength Range 8 ~ 14 μm
Lens 4 mm
Viewable 42.0° x 32.1°
Pixel Size 12 μm
FPS 25 hz/15 hz
Temperature Range 30°C ~ 45°C, 86°F ~ 113°F
Accuracy ±0.3°C, .5°F
Emissivity Black Background Correction Automatic correction according to input emissivity and background temperature.
Atmospheric Correction Atmospheric transmittance is calculated according to meteorological parameters and temperature correction automatically.
Multi-Person Supports 4-6 people at the same time.
Abnormal Temperature Alarm Alarm of over temperature of 37.3°C (99.14°F) automatically.
Device Parameters
Working Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C, 14°F ~ 122°F
Working Humidity 5 ~ 95% No condensation
Dimensions 332mm x 185mm x 105mm, 13.1" x 7.3" x 4.15"
Net Weight: 2300g, 5lbs
Power DC12V 2A
Power Consumption 5W
Audio External active speaker
Installation Method Tripod, Wall Mount
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ThermalCheck is the exclusive authorized distributor of the Infra-Cam, made by Scienscope. Our 20+ years experience and knowledge of inspection systems allows us to offer the best products and service on the market! We are here to help keep you safe.

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